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John Greenspan, BDS, PhD: 1938 – 2023

Dr. Greenspan's research career spanned more than five decades and included numerous groundbreaking discoveries in the field of oral medicine. He was particularly interested in the relationship between oral health and HIV/AIDS, and his work helped establish the field of oral HIV/AIDS research.

Throughout his career and until the very end of his life, Dr. Greenspan remained a devoted teacher and mentor, inspiring and guiding generations of dental and medical investigators. He supervised or mentored over 120 physicians and dental scientists. He was generous with his guidance and advice to those he mentored.


Courtesy of: University of California San Francisco | School of Dentistry



There’s New Hope for an HIV Vaccine

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Spectrum News 1 | February 2, 2024

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Innovative HIV vaccine approaches yield potential for broad protection against viral strains

News Medical | July 2, 2024

Novel Lab Test Detects HIV Strains in Africa, Paving Way for Global Cure

Technology Networks | July 2, 2024

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Novel vaccine concept generates immune responses that could produce multiple types of HIV broadly neutralizing antibodies

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The Longest-Running HIV Study in the U.S. Is Celebrating Its 40th Anniversary

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Opportunistic Infections and Malignancies in a Patient With HIV/AIDS and a Critically Low CD4 Count of 1 Cell/μL

Cureus | May 12, 2024

Breakthrough vaccine strategy guides the immune system to generate HIV neutralizing antibodies

News Medical | May 9, 2024

NIH HIV Research Funding Opportunity: Advancing HIV Service Delivery through Pharmacies and Pharmacists

NIH | May 8, 2024

Studies Offer Insight into HIV Reservoir and Viral Rebound

POZ Magazine | May 1, 2024

UNC Global Clinical Trials Unit Launches New HIV Drug Combination For Enhancing Immune Response and Suppression

UNC School of Medicine | April 30, 2024

CSU research team to develop technology for new rapid, at-home HIV test

Colorado State University | April 25, 2024

PhD candidate presents research at HIV conference that opens doors to treatment

Western News | April 19, 2024

Common HIV treatments may aid Alzheimer's disease patients

Science Daily | April 16, 2024

New trial hints at a possible HIV cure approach: Wake up latent virus hiding in the body, then kill it

Live Science | March 22, 2024

Hopes of HIV cure after breakthrough using gene-editing 'scissors'

Sky News | March 20, 2024

Genetic tool eliminates HIV from infected cells, new research shows: ‘Cure strategy’

NY Post | March 20, 2024

Scientists say they can cut HIV out of cells

BBC | March 19, 2024

Blockbuster obesity drug leads to better health in people with HIV

Nature | March 11, 2024

Researchers develop precise drugs to target HIV's Nef protein

News Medical | March 9, 2024

Researchers develop precise drugs to target HIV's Nef protein

News-Medical | March 9, 2024

Can babies infected with HIV be cured? New study offers cautious optimism

Science | March 7, 2024

NIH's Dr. Dieffenbach Discusses the Latest HIV Research from #CROI2024 | March 7, 2024

Impact of exercise training and diet therapy on the physical fitness, quality of life, and immune response of people living with HIV/AIDS: a...

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Groundbreaking Study Shows Promise of Simplified HIV Treatment in Battling AIDS Public Health Threat

ABC27 | March 6, 2024

Release of Inhibitory Pathways May Promote Immune Response to HIV

Northwestern University | March 6, 2024

What's Next for the World's First HIV Vaccine?

Medscape | March 04, 2024

Scientists discover a key mechanism used by human herpesvirus 8 to induce cancer

News Medical | March 1, 2024

Seeking Input on the Next NIH Strategic Plan for HIV and HIV-Related Research

NIH | February 15, 2024

City of Hope research featuring the successful treatment of the oldest patient to achieve remission for leukemia and HIV published in The New England...

City of Hope | February 14, 2024

New Trial Highlights Incremental Progress Towards a Cure for HIV-1

UNC | February 13, 2024

Study explores weight gain with HIV treatment

Kaiser | February 6, 2024

Selected Clinical Trials About HIV/AIDS

NIH | February 4, 2024

HIV virus found to possess hidden transport ability

News-Medical | January 27, 2024

New Method Aims to Optimize HIV treatments, Improve Quality of Life

Johns Hopkins | NJanuary 25, 2024

New study reveals key tissues involved in HIV rebound after treatment

News Medical | January 24, 2024

Novel role of host protein SLC25A42 in the HIV-1 reactivation of latent HIV-1 provirus

NIH | January 20, 2024

HIV Antibodies Protect Animals Against SHIV

Infectious Disease Special Edition | January 19, 2024

HIV Antibodies Protect Animals in Proof-of-Concept Study

POZ Magazine | January 18, 2024

NIH-developed HIV antibodies protect animals in proof-of-concept study

NIH | January 17, 2024

Higher viral load during HIV infection can shape viral evolution

Newswise | January 11, 2024

Unlocking the mechanisms of HIV in preclinical research

Medical Xpress | January 11, 2024

Relationship Between HIV Status, Mortality Risk in Anal Cancer Differs by Sex 

Infectious Disease Advisor | January 4, 2024

Enhancing Innate Immunity Against HIV

amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research | January 4, 2024

Expert analysis: the latest in HIV research and clinical trials

Pharmaceutical Technology | January 3, 2024

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