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HIV patients 'cured' by their own unique biology may harbor secrets to end the global scourge 

Medical Xpress | December 31, 2021

mRNA Vaccine for HIV Looks Promising

Infectious Disease Special Edition | December 9, 2021

Q&A With Capt. Renee Joskow, NIDCR’s New Senior Advisor

NIH | December 2021

What can 35-year-old stool samples tell scientists about HIV/AIDS?

ScienceDaily | December 8, 2021

Novel technique solves structure of the HIV capsid alone and in complex with host factors 

News Medical | November 21, 2021

Patient's immune system 'naturally' cures HIV in the second case of its kind | Live Science 

Live Science | November 20, 2021

Webster-Cyriaque Selected as Deputy Director of NIDCR

UNC Health Care | November 19, 2021


Jennifer Webster-Cyriaque Joins NIDCR as Deputy Director

NIH | November 18, 2021

HIV breakthrough offers hope as new vaccine crushes virus in stunning trial results

Daily Express November 12, 2021

Pidotimod and Immunological Activation in Individuals Infected with HIV 

Curr HIV Res. 2021;19(3):260-268. doi: 10.2174/1570162X18666210111102046.

NIAID Researchers Identify How Two People Controlled HIV After Stopping Treatment

NIH | October 29, 2021

New, highly innovative NIH research awards to address health disparities and advance health equity

NIH | October 13, 2021

Targeting Tat-TAR RNA Interaction for HIV-1 Inhibition 

Viruses. 2021 Oct 6;13(10):2004. doi: 10.3390/v13102004.

Researchers use exosome-based strategy to block HIV in mice

Science Daily | September 21, 2021

NIAID Scientists Find a Key to Hepatitis C Entry into Cells

NIH | September 21, 2021

Researchers advance the use of nanoparticles to deliver HIV/AIDS drugs to the brain

FIU News | September 17, 2021

Temple researchers take another step toward curing HIV

The Philadelphia Inquirer | September 17, 2021

Controlling HIV

Harvard Medical School | September 10, 2021

Moderna set to start human trials of experimental mRNA HIV vaccine - Clinical Trials Arena 

Clinical Trials Arena | August 18, 2021

NIH Makes Substantial New Investment of Over $265M in HIV Cure Research

POZ | August 17, 2021

A Randomized, Open Label, Crossover Phase 1 Safety and Pharmacokinetic Study of Oral Maraviroc and Maraviroc 1% Gel (the CHARM-03 Study) 

AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 2021 Aug 12. doi: 10.1089/AID.2021.0096.

New Nanoparticle Drug Delivery System for HIV/AIDS Treatment 

AZoNano | August 12, 2021

Inflammasome Therapeutics to Develop Dual Sustained-Release HIV Prevention and Birth Control Implant

Business Wire | August 9, 2021

Response to Antiretroviral Therapy

Dove Press | 24 July 2021

Potential role of micro ribonucleic acids in screening for anal cancer in human papilloma virus and human immunodeficiency virus related malignancies

World J Gastrointest Pathophysiol. 2021 Jul 22;12(4):59-83. doi: 10.4291/wjgp.v12.i4.59

How can HIV research better align with the realities of transgender and gender diverse people? 

aidsmap | July 22, 2021

Novel Biomarkers May Predict Likelihood, Timing of HIV Viral Rebound, Remission 

Pharmacy Times | July 7, 2021

'We're in it to win it' | Maryland company progresses with development of HIV 'functional cure' 

WUSA9.com | July 6, 2021

NIH Avant Garde Award for out-of-box, innovative concept to cure HIV and treat addiction 

EurekAlert | July 6, 2021

Oxford builds on vaccine success with trials of HIV jab

Lizzie Roberts | The Telegraph | July 5, 2021

Research into AIDS cure advancing but remains in 'very early days' 

Los Angeles Blade | July 1, 2021

Investigational malaria vaccine gives strong, lasting protection

NIH | June 30, 2021

Researcher receives NIH director's award to help end HIV global epidemic 

EurekAlert | June 28, 2021

VERIFY: No, this HIV vaccine hasn't built antibodies yet 

WUSA9.com | June 15, 2021

Enochian BioSciences Announces FDA Acceptance of Pre-IND Request For Potential HIV Cure 

BioSpace | June 14, 2021

Why it's been relatively easy to vaccinate against COVID-19 compared to HIV or cancer 

USA TODAY | June 12, 2021

Combination Immunotherapy Provides Potential Benefits in Controlling, Reducing HIV 

Pharmacy Times | May 19, 2021

Awareness and acceptability of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among students at two historically Black universities (HBCU): a cross-sectional survey 

BMC Public Health. 2021 May 19;21(1):943. doi: 10.1186/s12889-021-10996-

New Vaccine Approaches Show Early Promise for HIV 

POZ | May 18, 2019


Investigators Build List of Cells Most Susceptible to HIV Infection 

Pharmacy Times | May 6, 2021

The four-decade quest for an HIV vaccine yields new hope 

National Geographic | May 3, 2021

Scientists identify blood cells most likely to be targeted by HIV during a real-life infection 

News-Medical.net | April 28, 2021

Moderna's mRNA technology could help in the decades-long search for an HIV vaccine 

Business Insider | April 19, 2021

First Human Trial of HIV Vaccine Produced Immune Response in 97% of Volunteers 

Good News Network | April 17, 2021

Rollins Dean Curran to Leave Emory, Announced as 2021 Oxford Commencement Speaker 

The Emory Wheel | April 17, 2021

MHRP launches trial to evaluate IL-15 Agonist as therapy to reduce HIV reservoir 

EurekAlert | April 8, 2021

Researchers devise more efficient, enduring CAR gene therapy to combat HIV 

EurekAlert | April 1, 2021

Researchers devise more efficient, enduring CAR gene therapy to combat HIV 

UCLA Newsroom | April 1, 2021

Fighting HIV: could antibodies be the answer? 

Drug Target Review | March 31, 2021

Results of 'truly disappointing' HIV vaccine trial published 

Healio | March 24, 2021

mRNA vaccine protects monkeys against HIV-like virus 

aidsmap | March 11, 2021

Researchers boost potency of an HIV-1 antibody, tracing new pathways for vaccine development 

EurekAlert | March 11, 2021

Federal funding allocation on HIV/AIDS research in the United States (2008-2018): an exploratory study using Big Data

DocWire News | March 8, 2021

Excision BioTherapeutics Has Secured $60M to Proceed with HIV Clinical Trial 

Philadelphia magazine | March 5, 2021

US study suggests women living with HIV should be screened earlier for non-AIDS co-morbidities 

aidsmap | March 1, 2021

A high prevalence of potential HIV elite controllers identified over 30 years in Democratic Republic of Congo 

EBioMedicine. 2021 Feb 20;103258. doi: 10.1016/j.ebiom.2021.103258.

French researchers set for HIV vaccine trials using dendritic cells 

RFI | February 26, 2021

HIV-positive people with severe immunosuppression, APOE4 gene may have increased risk for dementia

News-Medical.net | February 22, 2021

Argentinian woman has been off HIV treatment for 12 years 

aidsmap | February 18, 2021

Therapeutic potential of HIV-1 entry inhibitor peptidomimetics 

Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2021 Feb 17;1535370221990870. doi: 10.1177/1535370221990870

How activists pushed to include people with HIV in COVID-19 vaccine trials 

ABC News | February 15, 2021

HIV research yields potential drug target 

EurekAlert | February 10, 2021

Early Progression and Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome During Treatment of Mild-To-Moderate Kaposi Sarcoma in Sub-Saharan Africa and South America: Incidence, Long-Term Outcomes, and Effects of Early Chemotherapy 

J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2020 Aug 1;84(4):422-429. doi: 10.1097/QAI.0000000000002361.

Novel HIV vaccine approach shows promise in “landmark” first-in-human trial 

European Pharmaceutical Review | February 5, 2021

Phase IIb AMP Studies: In Vitro Susceptibility of HIV-1 Isolates to Broadly Neutralizing Antibody VRC01 Predicts HIV Prevention Efficacy in MSM, Transgender Persons, and Cisgender Women

Clinical Care Options | February 4, 2021

Islatravir Once Monthly for PrEP Demonstrates Favorable Safety/Tolerability and Meets Pharmacokinetic Threshold Target in Blinded Interim Analysis of Phase IIa Trial

Clinical Care Options | February 4, 2021

The Buenos Aires patient: Argentinian woman controls HIV for at least 12 years after stopping treatment

aidsmap | February 3, 2021

Multispecies Evaluation of a Long-Acting Tenofovir Alafenamide Subdermal Implant for HIV Prophylaxis 

Front Pharmacol. 2020 Nov 25;11:569373. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2020.569373. eCollection 2020.

‘Gilead Sciences pens early-stage HIV vaccine pact with Gritstone Oncology 

FierceBiotech | February 1, 2021

Labmade antibodies can prevent HIV infection—but only if they match the virus 

Science Magazine | January 26, 2021

Antibody Infusions Prevent Acquisition of Some HIV Strains, NIH Studies Find

HIV.gov | January 26, 2021

Pioneering AIDS researcher and doctor Joseph Sonnabend, 1933-2021 

Thomson Reuters Foundation | January 25, 2021

Emory infectious disease leaders appointed to direct Center for AIDS Research 

Emory News Center | January 19, 2021

Incidence and Clearance of High-Risk HPV in Gay and Bisexual Men 

Infectious Disease Advisor | January 14, 2021

Moderna Pushes Forward With Immunization Development for 3 Infectious Diseases 

Pharmacy Times | January 12, 2021

Study examines attitudes toward long-acting injectable HIV therapy among women 

Science Daily | January 7, 2021

Fiscal Year 2021-2025 NIH Strategic Plan for HIV and HIV-Related Research 

AIDS.gov blog | January 7, 2021

CRISPR Gene-Editing Shows Promise Against HIV 

Managed Healthcare Executive | January 4, 2021