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Resources from 2020 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections

CROI 2020

HIV postexposure prophylaxis-in-pocket: long-term follow-up of individuals with low-frequency, high-risk HIV exposures

AIDS 2020, 34:433–437

Prevention of HIV for persons with low-frequency, high-risk exposures: PrEP (preexposure prophylaxis), PEP (postexposure prophylaxis), or ‘PIP’ (postexposure prophylaxis in-pocket)

AIDS 2020, 34:481–482

The magnitude of opportunistic infections and associated factors in HIV-infected adults on antiretroviral therapy in southern zone Tigray, Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study 

Pan Afr Med J. 2020 Apr 17;35:126. doi: 10.11604/pamj.2020.35.126.17839. eCollection 2020.

Texas Biomed to test CBD/THC against HIV-induced neurological disorder 

EurekAlert | December 11, 2020

Study adapting HIV/AIDS behavioral interventions to mitigate COVID-19 

University of Illinois News | December 8, 2020

NIH announces restructured HIV clinical trials networks

NIH | November 30, 2020

New Hope for HIV Vaccine - Engineered Immune Cells 

Novinite.com | November 21, 2020

Address Medical Mistrust to Recruit Minorities to COVID-19 Trials

Medscape | October 29, 2020

HIV up close: Unprecedented view of virus reveals essential steps for causing AIDS 

Medical Xpress | October 8, 2020

Study Solves an HIV Mystery 

ScienceBlog.com | October 7, 2020

NIH Awards Will Advance HIV Implementation Research in U.S. Communities

HIV.gov | September 29, 2020

Multiple COVID-19 Clusters on a University Campus — North Carolina, August 2020

CDC | September 29, 2020

Recent Increase in COVID-19 Cases Reported Among Adults Aged 18–22 Years — United States, May 31–September 5, 2020

CDC | September 29, 2020

ViiV Healthcare announces start of implementation science study to identify and evaluate approaches to integrating its investigational, every-two-month, injectable HIV treatment in European healthcare practices

ViiV Healthcare | September 28, 2020

$111M Grant to Focus on HIV-Related Cancers [VIDEOS] 

POZ | September 24, 2020

New Long-Acting Injectable HIV Drug Shows Promise in Monkey Study

POZ | September 2, 2020

CytoDyn Will Attempt to Duplicate Berlin and London Patients' HIV Cure by Using Leronlimab  During Bone Marrow Transplant for 5 HIV Patients Who also have Cancer

GlobeNewswire | August 17, 2020

FDA Clears Maryland Company's Potential HIV Cure For Human Trials 

CBS Baltimore | August 12, 2020

OPINION: Why SisterLove pushes for more women in HIV clinical trials 

Atlanta Journal Constitution | August 11, 2020

Moderna, Pfizer move to include HIV-positive volunteers in Phase 3 trials of COVID-19 vaccines 

Firstpost | August 10, 2020

Viral Load Dynamics in Sputum and Nasopharyngeal Swab in Patients with COVID-19

Journal of Dental Research | August 3, 2020

Top 5 HIV cure and vaccine stories from AIDS 2020 

aidsmap | July 30, 2020

NIAID and Partners to Develop Antibody-Based Products for HIV Prevention and Treatment 

AIDS.gov blog | July 21, 2020

Examining adherence barriers among women with HIV to tailor outreach for long-acting injectable antiretroviral therapy

BMC Blogs Network | July 25, 2020

Dewpoint Therapeutics Collaborates with Merck to Evaluate Novel Approach for the Treatment of HIV

July 13th, 2020 | Dewpoint

Dewpoint Therapeutics Collaborates with Merck to Evaluate Novel Approach for the Treatment of HIV

July 13th, 2020 | Dewpoint

HPTN 083: Efficacy of Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) containing Long-acting injectable cabotegravir (CAB-LA) is maintained across regions and key populations

NATAP | July 10, 2020

Final HIV Research Highlights from AIDS 2020 

AIDS.gov blog | July 10, 2020

HPTN 083: Efficacy of Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) containing Long-acting injectable cabotegravir (CAB-LA) is maintained across regions and key populations

NATAP | July 10, 2020

New $3.7M grant to support research exploring mysterious link between cancer, HIV/AIDS 

Newswise | July 8, 2020

HIV Research Highlights from AIDS 2020 

AIDS.gov blog | July 8, 2020

Summary of Important AIDS 2020 Virtual Abstracts for ACTG

ACTG | July 7, 2020

AIDS 2020: Researchers describe a possible case of HIV remission and a new method to prevent infection

CNN | July 7, 2020

Duke researchers help discover gene mutation that spreads the coronavirus faster 

WPVI-TV | July 3, 2020

UCLA receives nearly $14M from NIH for gene therapy to fight HIV/AIDS 

FOX 11 Los Angeles | June 15, 2020

How Close Are We to a Cure for HIV? 

Contagionlive.com | June 11, 2020

WIRED Examines Underrepresentation Of Women In HIV Prevention Drug Trials Testing PrEP 

Kaiser Family Foundation | June 11, 2020

Cure, Vaccine Trials Show HIV Rebounds Quickly in Semen 

HivPlusMag.com| June 7, 2020

Update on HIV PrEP Research Among Cisgender Women

NATAP | May 28, 2020

New HIV vaccine strategy strengthens, lengthens immunity in primates 

Science Daily | May 11, 2020

Research Moves Toward Once-Yearly HIV Treatment

WebMD | April 30, 2020

Uptake and willingness to use PrEP among Chinese gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men with experience of sexualized drug use in the past year

BMC Infect Dis. 2020 Apr 22;20(1):299. doi: 10.1186/s12879-020-05024-4

Oral sex: A new, and possibly the most dangerous, route of toxoplasmosis transmission

Med Hypotheses. 2020 Apr 9;141:109725. doi: 10.1016/j.mehy.2020.109725

ViiV Healthcare and UNC-Chapel Hill announce five-year renewal of innovative HIV cure partnership

ViiV | March 9, 2020

ViiV Healthcare initiates study with the University of South Carolina to evaluate the benefits of ride-sharing services on improving access to care for people living with HIV

ViiV | March 2, 2020

Pomalidomide Clears Anal Cancer Precursor in High Proportion With or Without HIV

CROI 2020, March 8-11, 2020, Boston

Intact Proviral HIV DNA Drops During Long-Term Suppressive ART
CROI 2020, March 8-11, 2020, Boston

Weekly Islatravir Protects Monkeys Against IV Challenge With SIV

CROI 2020, March 8-11, 2020, Boston

Greater Population-Level Viral Control Tied to Lower HIV Incidence in 4 Large Trials

CROI 2020, March 8-11, 2020, Boston

Drug-delivery technology leads to sustained HIV antibody production in NIH study

CROI 2020, March 8-11, 2020, Boston

NIH Study Finds Lower Concentration of PrEP Drug in Pregnant Young Women

HIV.gov | March 9, 2020

Cure for HIV/AIDS: Scientists Discovers Genes to End HIV Infection from Source 

Hiptoro | February 21, 2020

New strategies drive HIV from cellular hiding places

NIH | February 4, 2020

Regional brain volumetric changes despite 2 years of treatment initiated during acute HIV infection

AIDS. 2020 Mar 1;34(3):415-426. doi: 10.1097/QAD.0000000000002436.

Study Finds Discrepancies From Guidelines in Prescribing Practices for Pregnant Women Living With HIV

AJMC.com Managed Markets Network | February 2, 2020

HIV/AIDS cure: Human trials to start soon as scientists successfully cure HIV in monkeys and mice 

EconoTimes | January 31, 2020

Cure for HIV/AIDS: Scientists Cure HIV in Monkeys, Human Trials to Start Soon 

Hiptoro | January 2020

NIAID Launches First Clinical Trial to Test Antibody-Drug Combination for Long-Acting HIV Treatment

HIV.gov | January 22, 2020

HIV Dental Symposium registration information

NIH Strategic Plan for HIV and HIV-Related Research

NIH.gov | January 16, 2020

IAVI Makes Available Unique Dataset and Samples from Pioneering HIV/AIDS Study in Africa to Researchers

Yahoo Finance | January 14, 2020

Saag named an editor of the Journal of the International AIDS Society 

UAB News | January 10, 2020

Antibody Combination Prevents HIV Transmission from Mother to Infant 

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News | January 9, 2020

Kidney Donor's HIV Strain Found in HIV-Positive Recipient 

MedPage Today | January 8, 2020