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Billy Porter reveals he is HIV-positive, breaking 14-year silence: 'The truth is the healing' 

USA TODAY | May 19, 2021

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"HIV Criminalization Laws and Ending the HIV Epidemic in the United States"

The Lancet | January 2021

HRSA Publishes Long-Awaited (and Long-Overdue) 340 B Program Alternative Dispute Resolution Process Final Rule

The National Law Review | December 11, 2020


Concert Honors World AIDS Day With Favorite Broadway Cares Moments | December 4, 2020

OPINION: Kan. doctor started fighting a scary new disease 40 years ago 

Hays Post | December 2, 2020

The History of HIV/AIDS in the US | June 23, 2020

Listing of U.S. HIV Laws and Prosecutorial Tools

The Center for HIV Law and Policy | July 2020

Private Insurance Policies Expanding Access to Health Care for People Living with HIV and Viral Hepatitis During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

NASTAD | April 10, 2020

Housing Vulnerable Populations in Tight Housing Markets: Issue Brief

Target HIV | March 2019

Quick Take: The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program

O’Neill Institute | January 2019

Quick Take: HIV Prevention in the United States

O’Neill Institute | January 2019

State and some local poverty, income, and health insurance data from the American Community Survey are now on the website
amfar Issue Brief on HIV and Black Gay Men
ADAP crisis looms unless Congress acts. For more information, please see HIVdent’s FACEBOOK page!
Illustrating HIV/AIDS in the United States - Slideshare Presentation
HIV/AIDS Data through December 2008: Provided for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Modernization Act of 2009, for Fiscal Year 2010
Where everyone wants to work with HIV
By Elizabeth Landau, CNN
HIV Epidemiology in Corrections
Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS
Achieving an HIV-Free Generation:
Recommendations for a New American HIV Strategy
News Updates

Statement by President Joe Biden Recognizing the 40th Year of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic

The White House | June 05, 2021


40 years ago, the first cases of AIDS were reported in the US 

CNN | June 5, 2021


“I Understand How Important This Is”: Rachel Levine, MD, on the Early Days of HIV and Being an Advocate for LGBT Youth | June 4, 2021


How AIDS Activists Used 'Die-Ins' to Demand Attention to the Growing Epidemic 

History | June 2021 40th anniversary


I Am a Long-term Survivor of HIV | June 3, 2021


Domestic HIV Funding in the White House FY2022 Budget Request 

Kaiser Family Foundation | June 3, 2021


40 Years of Progress – OIDP Updates | June 2, 2021


Supporting Long-Term Survivors of HIV | June 2, 2021


Biden's 2022 Budget Includes $670M to Fight HIV, but What About Hepatitis? 

Hep Treatment News | June 1, 2021


HIV rates remain stubbornly high in Mississippi, despite falling cases across the US 

Washington Post | May 27, 2021


Big Ideas In Brief: Urgent Action Is Needed In 2021 To End HIV In The United States

O’Neill Institute | May 2021


Quick Take: Federal Discretionary HIV Funding Is Essential

O’Neill Institute | May 2021


Big Ideas: Urgent Action Is Needed In 2021 To End HIV In The United States

O’Neill Institute | May 2021


National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 2021 

POZ | May 19, 2021


40 Years Later: The Denialism That Shaped The AIDS Epidemic 

NPR | May 18, 2021


Don't give up on ending the HIV epidemic

TheHill | May 18, 2021


Before the Storm: The Inside Story of the Earliest News Coverage on HIV/AIDS | May 18, 2021


HIV Cases are up in NC, even as testing is down amid the pandemic 

North Carolina Health News | May 6, 2021


RIP Patrick O'Connell, Founding Director of Visual AIDS 

POZ | May 5, 2021


Black Men and HIV: Transmission, Stats, and More 

Healthline | May 4, 2021


CDC: Transgender Women Urgently Need More HIV Services 

Infectious Disease Special Edition | April 22, 2021


A quarter of HIV-positive Americans have experienced intimate partner violence 

Yahoo Eurosport UK | April 18, 2021


Illinois law aimed at preventing people with HIV from transmitting the virus has been criticized as unfair and unscientific. Activists are pushing for a full repeal.

Chicago Tribune | April 17, 2021


President Biden is asking Congress for $670 million to end the HIV/AIDS pandemic 

The Hill | April 14, 2021


Biden seeks to ramp up funds to beat HIV/AIDS in budget request 

Washington Blade | April 9, 2021


Budget Crunch for Texas HIV Drug Program Creates Crisis of Confidence 

Spectrum News | April 5, 2021


CDC inquiry sought on HIV outbreak in WVa's largest county 

ABC News | April 5, 2021


New VAWA/HOPWA Resources on Addressing the Intersection of HIV & Intimate Partner Violence | March 31, 2021


$3M HIV Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Morehouse College 

POZ | March 23, 2021


Quilt ceremony honoring Native Americans and Hawaiians lost to AIDS 

Los Angeles Blade | March 21, 2021


Federal Dollars On The Way To Help Fight Alarming HIV Outbreak In WV 

West Virginia Public Broadcasting | March 19, 2021


Hawaii lawmakers must reverse HIV budget cuts 

Hawaii Tribune-Herald | March 18, 2021


Feds give metro Atlanta group $3.3M to defeat HIV/AIDS 

Atlanta Journal Constitution | March 16, 2021


Resources for National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 2021 blog | March 15, 2021


'Living and Loving in the Age of AIDS' - author on youth's desire to find the truth about early years of pandemic

Independent Online | March 14, 2021


President Biden vowed to end the HIV epidemic by 2025 – but how realistic is that goal? 

Queerty | March 13, 2021


Fact Sheet: The American Rescue Plan: Reduces Health Care Costs, Expands Access to Insurance Coverage and Addresses Health Care Disparities

HHS | March 12, 2021


Gilead COMPASS looks at the role of Faith in Combating HIV 

Afro American | March 12, 2021


Deborah Birx, ex-White House COVID response coordinator, joins George W. Bush Institute in Dallas 

The Dallas Morning News | March 12, 2021


Virginia is poised to reform its HIV criminalization laws. Is the rest of the US next? 

NBC News | March 5, 2021


Congressional HIV/AIDS Caucus introduces bill to stop criminalizing people with HIV 

Metro Weekly | March 2, 2021


Virginia joins a movement to change state laws criminalizing HIV exposure 

Washington Post | February 26, 2021


Meet Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, Biden's New Weapon Against HIV | February 24, 2021


The Lancet: USA failing to reach populations most in need of HIV prevention and treatment services as epidemic grows in the South and rural areas

EurekAlert | February 19, 2021


To End the HIV Epidemic, Address Health Disparities 

Friday, February 19, 2021


A new HBO show looks at the 1980s AIDS crisis. In 2020, why do so few HIV-positive people hold public office?

Washington Post | February 19, 2021


My experience with HIV/AIDS Dapivirine Ring | February 18, 2021


Justice Department Reaches Agreement with Nevada to End Discriminatory Policies Against Inmates with HIV and Inmates with Disabilities | February 17, 2021


Houston, We Have a Problem: Texas ADAP Clients in Jeopardy

ADAP Advocacy Association | February 17, 2021


HOPWA program helps HIV/AIDS patients pay for housing, but lack of affordable rentals still a problem

Weekly Challenger | February 16, 2021


Biden Administration Action Rescinding Medicaid Work Requirements Will Help People Living with Chronic Illness Maintain Health Coverage

The AIDS Institute | February 13, 2021


Justice Department Settles HIV Discrimination Claim with Surgical Practice 

Department of Justice | February 12, 2021


Nevada prisons to end discriminatory practices against inmates with HIV following settlement with federal government

The Nevada Independent | February 12, 2021


State Employee Pleads Guilty to $2M Scheme to Defraud the Office of AIDS 

Department of Justice | February 11, 2021


Atlanta to receive outside help building strategy to combat high rate of HIV 

Atlanta Journal Constitution | February 10, 2021


GMHC and DoorDash Unite to Provide Food and Jobs to New Yorkers With HIV 

POZ | February 8, 2021


National AIDS Memorial launches virtual quilt exhibition honoring Black lives lost to AIDS 

WPVI-TV | February 8, 2021


National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day reminds us of the deep costs of inequality 

Washington Post | February 7, 2021


African-American Women With HIV Often Overlooked, Under-supported 

Republic World | February 6, 2021


National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Puts Focus on Need to Address Equity and Drivers of HIV Disparities in the U.S. blog | February 4, 2021


Sonnabend, early force in fight against AIDS, has died 

Antelope Valley Press | February 1, 2021


Dr. John G. Bartlett, a pioneer in HIV/AIDS study and co-founder of the country's second clinic, at Johns Hopkins Hospital, dies

Baltimore Sun | January 27, 2021


Jill Biden to visit Whitman-Walker Health HIV/AIDS clinic 

Washington Blade | January 21, 2021


Funding hold up threatens NY's progress against AIDS 

WBFO | January 18, 2021


To Be Black and Live With HIV | January 18, 2021


Funding Hold Up Threatens New York's Progress Against AIDS | January 15, 2021


Employees at HIV Nonprofit Housing Works Vote to Unionize 

POZ | January 12, 2021


North Dakota lawmakers object to softening HIV transmission law 

Jamestown Sun | January 12, 2021


Many health plans now must cover full cost of expensive HIV prevention drugs 

Duluth News Tribune | January 10, 2021


HIV criminalisation laws and ending the US HIV epidemic 

The Lancet | January 1, 2021


A New Year and a New Home for a Famed Alabama HIV Clinic 

POZ | January 1, 2021

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