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Evaluation of PEPFAR
(Institute of Medicine)

Through the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the United States has provided an unprecedented level of health and development assistance and health diplomacy around the world. PEPFAR has saved and improved the lives of millions of people; supported HIV prevention, care, and treatment; strengthened systems; and engaged with partner countries to facilitate HIV policy and planning for sustainable responses to their epidemic. The IOM evaluation drew upon a variety of data sources, including quantitative data, extensive document review, and primary qualitative data collection through more than 400 interviews, including some site visits, with diverse stakeholders in 13 PEPFAR partner countries, at PEPFAR's headquarters, and at other institutions and agencies involved in the global HIV response. Read the Report

HIV Prevention: From Crisis to Opportunity - Key findings from the 2023 Global HIV Prevention Coalition scorecards

ReliefWeb | March 13, 2024

Myths and pseudoscience are causing HIV to spread

MSN | March 2024

Opinion | PEPFAR is too important to be a political football

Washington Post | August 4, 2023

The Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic

KFF | July 26, 2023

Yes, We Can End AIDS by 2030. A UNAIDS Report Shows How

POZ Magazine | July 14, 2023

News Updates

Biden administration plans major cuts to AIDS relief programs in Africa

Politico | July 2, 2024

U.K.-based aidsmap, a Longtime and Vital Source of HIV Information, to Close

POZ | July 2, 2024

UNAIDS and Global Fund sign a new strategic framework for their collaboration to end AIDS

UNAIDS | June 24, 2024

Highlighting Significant Gains against HIV/AIDS, Top UN Officials Tell General Assembly Global Goal of Ending Deadly Disease as Public Health...

United Nations | June 19, 2024

WHO @ AIDS 2024

WHO | June 2024

In South Africa, traditional healers join the fight against HIV; stigma remains high

ABC News | June 16, 2024

What will it take to end the HIV epidemic in Europe?

Politico | June 6, 2024

Shock as HIV prevalence doubles among girls aged 15-24 years

The Citizen Tanzania | June 2, 2024

Alarm as Kenya reports cases of advanced HIV disease

The Standard (Kenya) | June 2024

Six years after pregnancy, almost half of women with HIV in Tanzania have dropped out of care 

Aidsmap | May 31, 2024

UNAIDS and the Australian Government sign partnership to boost the fight against AIDS 

UNAIDS | May 30, 2024

IAS 2025: World’s Largest Scientific Conference on HIV Will Be Held in Kigali, Rwanda

POZ | May 6, 2024

UNAIDS – planning for sustainability of the HIV response up to and beyond 2030

UNAIDS | April 30, 2024

UNAIDS expresses deep concern over the passing of new anti-LGBT legislation in Iraq

UNAIDS | April 30, 2024

Global disease burden study highlights COVID-19 impact and health inequities

News-Medical | April 17, 2024

Adolescent mothers with HIV in South Africa have poorer HIV outcomes than non-mothers, study finds

Aidsmap | April 16, 2024

Impact of perinatal HIV exposure and infection on salivary properties among Nigerian children

NIH | April 16, 2024

How did Germany run low on potentially life-saving HIV medication? | April 13, 2024

Zimbabwe introduces injectable HIV drug

The Herald ZW | April 11, 2024

Monaco Principality renews its collaboration with UNAIDS

UNAIDS | April 11, 2024

Pakistan's HIV high-risk populations: Critical appraisal of failure to curtail spread beyond key populations

Science Direct | April 7, 2024

Coping strategies among women living with HIV/AID | PRBM

Dove Medical Press | April 6, 2024

Caribbean leaders discuss innovative approaches to ending HIV/AIDS Epidemic 

Turks and Caicos Weekly News | April 5, 2024

Tanzania Merges HIV And Diabetes Care To Tackle NCD Crisis

Health Policy Watch | April 4, 2024

UNAIDS welcomes the adoption of a crucial resolution recognizing harm reduction measures at the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs

UNAIDS | March 22, 2024

Under threat: the International AIDS Society–Lancet Commission on Health and Human Rights

The Lancet | March 21, 2024

Exploring young people’s attitudes to HIV prevention medication (PrEP) in England: a qualitative study

NIH | March 18, 2024

UNAIDS urges scaling up of evidence-based services to address the transmission of HIV and viral hepatitis among people who use drugs

UNAIDS | March 14, 2024

HIV/AIDS in Trinidad and Tobago

The Borgen Project | March 9, 2024

Surge in anti-gay laws in Africa imperil progress on HIV/AIDS, experts say

The BMJ | March 8, 2024

Surge in anti-gay laws in Africa imperil progress on HIV/AIDS, experts say

thebmj | March 8, 2024

WHO warns of growing resistance to GSK's HIV drug

Reuters | March 5, 2024

Member States negotiating the pandemic instrument have an opportunity to save lives and keep the world safe, says UNAIDS

UNAIDS | February 18, 2024

Injectable HIV-prevention Drug Launches in Zambia

JSI | February 13, 2024

Road Map to Botswana Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Havey Institute for Global Health | February 8, 2024

Community-based mpox responses and monitoring among 2SLGBTQII and Non-Binary People Across Canada

Canadian Public Health Association | February 8, 2024

Youth Guide Discussions on Improving HIV Services

JSI | February 6, 2024

AIDS 2024, the 25th International AIDS Conference

AIDS 2024 | February 5, 2024

Events, Conferences, Workshops and Observances

NIH | January 2024

Optimising HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis and testing strategies in men who have sex with men in Australia, Thailand, and China: a modelling study...

Lancet Glob Health. 2024 Feb;12(2):e243-e256. doi: 10.1016/S2214-109X(23)00536-3.

UNAIDS launches new approach to ensure the long-term sustainability of the HIV response 

UNAIDS | January 19, 2024

Supporting women leaders in health sector is key driver in the triumph over HIVAids 

The Standard (Kenya) | January 14, 2024

Global Fund Approves US$9.2 Billion in New Grants to Accelerate Fight Against HIV, TB and Malaria in More than 70 Countries

ReliefWeb | January 12, 2024

Prevalence of misconception about HIV/AIDS transmission and associated factors among reproductive age women in Ethiopia: a nationwide study

BMC Infectious Diseases - BioMed Central | January 6, 2024

The world leaders keeping HIV alive

Yahoo | January 5, 2024

Evolution of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Policies in China: A Grounded Theory Approach 

China CDC Weekly | January 5, 2024

Temporal and Spatial Trends in HIV Positivity Rate for VCT Clinics — China, 2015–2022 

China CDC Weekly | January 5, 2024

Behavioral verification and risk factors of HIV cross-population transmission in China 

BMC Infectious Diseases - BioMed Central | January 4, 2024


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