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National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NGMHAAD) is September 27. On this day, we unite with partners, health departments, and other organizations to raise awareness about how HIV and AIDS disproportionately affect gay and bisexual men in the United States. You play an important role in this effort. Here are Five Things You Can Do to observe NGMHAAD!

HIV Oral Disease is now available FREE APP for IOS, Android, and Windows phones. Materials include recognition and management of common oral diseases seen in PLWH. Also included are Key Facts important to providing dental care for PLWH.

This effort was the results of a combination resources from HIVdent and the Mountain Plains AIDS Education and Training Center.

Jacque Muther

Jacque and her hero, Congressman John Lewis 

Although we are saddened by our loss, please focus on all of Jacque's remarkable accomplishments. In short, Jacque's efforts for the Ponce Center, locally in Atlanta and nationally were instrumental to advocating for our patients and many feel that she saved more patients' lives for more years than anyone else in Georgia. Her efforts at the Ponce Center kept us together and funded as a program, bringing millions upon millions of dollars to IDP.


Never happier than when she was with children, it is due to Jacque's passion and strength of will that our Pediatric program became a part of the Ponce Center. She was also key to ensuring that Ryan White funds were available not only to Atlanta, but across all parts of the United States!


A true hero in every sense of the word, Jacque was honored by the CAEAR Coalition for her lifetime of service just last year.


- David Reznik and Wendy Armstrong -

In lieu of flowers the family requests funds be donated to the Grady Foundation’s Jacque Muther Fund. The link to the Jacque Muther fund can be found in the Designation Section.

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HIVdent's Mission

HIVdent is a not-for-profit coalition of concerned health care professionals committed to assuring access to high quality oral health care services for adults, adolescents, and children living with HIV disease. HIVdent disseminates state-of-the-art treatment information and shares expertise in advocacy, development, training, integration, and evaluation of oral health services for the HIV-infected population.

The primary mechanism by which HIVdent initially intends to accomplish its mission is via this web site. Inside, not only will you find several sections on the oral manifestations of HIV disease and a large picture gallery, but information on infection control, post-exposure protocols, pediatric/adolescent care, medications, funding and other resources.

Through an easily accessible e-mail system, health care professionals and consumers alike are able to communicate directly with our Faculty, some of the foremost international experts in these fields.

Updates from the 21st International AIDS Conference


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Note from HIVdent: Until there is a cure, we will have to continue our educational efforts to ensure equal access to care for PLWH around the world!

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