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Most ASOs/CBOs in U.S. Have Increased Services Yet May Lack Fiscal Resources to Meet Demand


Most ASOs/CBOs in U.S. Have Increased Services Yet May Lack Fiscal Resources to Meet Demand

National Survey on State of ASOs/CBOs Identifies Key Trends Among HIV Organizations, Coincides with National ASO/CBO Directory Launch

Washington, DC – AIDS Service Organizations and Community-Based Organizations (ASOs/CBOs) need more financial support to expand services, diversify funding, integrate clinical services, and improve fiscal processes in order to remain relevant in the dynamic healthcare landscape, according to HealthHIV's inaugural “State of ASOs/CBOs National Survey".

Key survey findings indicate that:

  • Over 75% of ASOs/CBOs increased service offerings in the past three years in response to client needs.
  • Nearly all ASOs/CBOs offer HIV testing and counseling; however, only 49% offer PrEP services to clients and only 44% offer HIV care and treatment.
  • 33% of ASOs/CBOs report that funding comes from only government sources and 1 in 8 (12%) rely on a single source of funding to maintain HIV programs.
  • Over 33% of ASOs/CBOs have changed or expanded their missions in the past year and 25% developed a shared services partnership with another agency.
  • ASOs/CBOs need training and technical assistance on fiscal sustainability areas such as revenue generation/diversification, unit cost calculation for services, and performance-based payment models.

"The most common word that ASOs/CBOs used to describe the state of ASOs/CBOs was 'challenging', which illustrates how organizations are struggling through the uncertain times. ASOs/CBOs must continue to evolve to remain relevant since they play a vital and necessary role in ending the epidemic," said HealthHIV's Executive Director Brian Hujdich. "We hope the survey data will assist in guiding stronger, resilient organizations."


The report of HealthHIV’s inaugural State of ASOs/CBOs in the US(TM) survey (right) includes data reported from over 500 ASOs/CBOs and provides insights on how ASOs/CBOs are responding to the current HIV and healthcare landscapes, including impacts on workforce development, service coordination, fiscal sustainability, partnership development, and strategic planning. Survey findings emphasize the need for more diverse interdisciplinary training and technical assistance opportunities.


“ASOs/CBOs across the country are reaching the most vulnerable populations at highest risk for HIV infection. Survey results indicate that these organizations are largely reliant on government funding for their HIV services; putting them at financial risk in the dynamic healthcare landscape,” said Senior Capacity Building Manager Marissa Tonelli. “Now, more than ever, ASOs and CBOs need training and guidance to ensure sustainability of HIV programs by increasing fiscal diversification and demonstrating the impact and value of their HIV programs.”

In conjunction with the survey, HealthHIV and the Test Positive Awareness Network (TPAN) launched an online National ASO/CBO Directory 2018 to create a national resource on the availability, breadth and depth of HIV services available to health care consumers. The Directory is searchable by services categories and location, and serves as a repository for organizations to initiate partnerships and streamline service delivery in their jurisdictions.