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Aging of HIV-Infected: an explosive and underestimated phenomena being ignored, needs attention - special support services for patients & clinics needed-lack of federal/state response - HCV too

NATAP | Apr 4, 2017
Staying Healthy with HIV as you Age

Strategies to Improve the Health of Older Adults Living with HIV

Target Center | May 23, 2016
The 10th Annual National Conference on HIV/AIDS & Aging
John F. Kennedy Library and Museum - Boston, MA
"Association of Aging and Survival in a Large HIV-Infected Cohort on Antiretroviral Therapy"
AIDS Vol. 25; No. 5: P. 701-705 (03.13.11)
Coming of Age: A Guide to Aging Well with HIV (PDF)
Age at Cancer Diagnosis Among Persons With AIDS in the United States (PDF)
Age Predicts CD4 Response To HAART (PDF)

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Impact of aging and HIV infection on serologic response to seasonal influenza vaccination
AIDS June 1 2018
Potential interactions between ART and other medications present in over half of older HIV-positive ...
aidsmap | May 31, 2018
Katrina Koehn: Seniors with HIV face more stigma than those with other illnesses
Vancouver Sun | May 2, 2018
Disparities and determinants of cancer treatment in elderly Americans living with HIV/AIDS
Clinical Infectious Diseases | April 27, 2018
National Oral Health Report: A State Of Decay
Oral Health America | April 17, 2018
HIV-infected people are living for years, but age-related diseases set in early
Washington Post | April 14, 2018
HIV-Age.org Releases Three New Science Spotlights
HIV-Age.org | March 2018
Major features of immunesenescence, including reduced thymic output, are ameliorated by high levels of physical activity in adulthood
8 March 2018 Aging Cell
Aging With HIV: People With the Virus Are Living Long, Productive Lives—So Organizations Like ...
Coachella Valley Independent | February 19, 2018
Aging in HIV-Infected Subjects: A New Scenario and a New View
Risk of some non-AIDS cancers greater for people with HIV than others over 50
aidsmap | 30 January 2018
Easy Strategies to Help HIV Patients Live a Healthy and Fulfilling Life
Cancer Risk Increased for Older Patients Living With HIV
Infectious Disease Advisor | January 31, 2018
Risk of some non-AIDS cancers greater for people with HIV than others over 50
aidsmap | January 30, 2018
HIV does not increase aging-related brain changes in patients on ART
Healio | January 15, 2018
Diabetes in people with HIV over 50 overwhelmingly linked to old antiretrovirals, not age or body ...
aidsmap | January 3, 2018
Middle aged HIV-positive patients have increased risk of `silent` cerebral vascular disease linked ...
aidsmap | January 2, 2018
The first generation to grow old with HIV are ageing faster
The Sydney Morning Herald | January 1, 2018
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